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Love Earth

A little request:- Please sit back, relax, close your eyes for a moment, take some deep breathes and just start to clear your mind.  Lets go on a little journey!

I'm using songs again for my inspiration to write, I hope that you enjoy my little postings and, more importantly, I really really hope that these, in part, or in all, can resonate with you... it really does help if you can quieten your mind (basically tell yourself to 'shhhhhh'!!) and tune totally in to the feel of what I'm saying (a bit like when all the traffic has gone from the roads.. you begin to hear things again!).  I hope that you can listen without embarrassment or judgement (tall order I know but please remember too that these things I write are just my point of view, and we all have our own!).  I hope you can enjoy and understand my view enough so that when you hear the songs you may feel more than before with a view to what I'd like to relay to you... enjoy!

All of these songs that I'm linking, really relay the same messages I feel....  About L.O.V.E and how we need to love and respect our Earth and ourselves and pay attention to what is happening around us and how we may be able to influence things for the better.

I’m writing about the songs and my interpretations and then have a link to each song at the end of each section for you to connect to….. enjoy!

Film: Avatar:-

Quieten your mind, feel from your tummy, look into the eyes of who you are with and feel the strength of your connection.  Do you feel it?   If you do, fantastic for you… focus and you can increase these feelings more and more.  For the rest of us, we may still be searching for better connections or we may not... For those who aren't looking and have no strong connection then you may be missing out on the most important emotion in life.... the biggest, hugest emotion that we all can have in abundance - our birthright.  If we choose it, we can quieten our minds and feel for this emotion more and more.  The emotion of course, is real, honest, deep, pure, L O V E.

I remember when sex was the word that people quietly embarrassingly spoke about.  Today it seems, at times, to be the case with love...  Maybe it's time to turn the tables.   How much longer can we miss out on the most amazing and most powerful emotion in the universe?

And about Earth, Nature

Just as a blind person cannot (in a literal sense) see the beauty around them, so can we, if we choose it.

Respect our nature -
Through our current media culture we and our children can be shown a world that is not all of our world, only the very worst part.  We are shown destruction, war, chaos, etc. on a daily basis and we process this into our brains (hey we can't help that, that's what brains do).

What about the fantastic beauty all around us, the fantastic work that people do every day to make a difference in the world, wonders of the world, animals just doing their thing in nature, giggles of children, the feel of warm soft grass on our feet as we walk near a beautiful waterfall, the smell of the lovely fresh air, the sounds of the birds tweeting, the connections with the people we are with.  Simple but important things....  how about processing that into our brains more and more.....  reduce our stresses and help re-balance ourselves.

I remember a quote I read some time ago and I wish right now I could remember the exact words. It was, if I remember correctly, an engineer who wrote the quote, about the perfect airplane engine.  He said, when there is nothing left to ‘take out’ of the machine for it to work at it's best then it's perfect.  In other words, taking out the unnecessary to run simply and effectively.

It's the same, in a way, for us I think, to enjoy fully our lives I think we must learn to take out the unnecessary, in our minds at least.  Enjoy the ‘simplest’ pleasures all around us, for real life fulfilment.  I'm not saying do without the other things though too…  Just to ‘realise’.  Life's full of experiences, I remember the thrills of doing a parachute jump, the interesting challenge of having a flying lesson and new learning of skuba diving… and the (not so) nice experience in the North Sea of not even being able to see my hand in front of my face in the icy sea water (definately should have learnt to Scuba Dive in a warm climate!).  Realising what’s truly important to us and understanding that everything else is just ‘extra stuff’ can be really enlightening and can set us free from life’s little games if that is what we want.  "Roll in all the riches all around us and for once never wonder what they're worth".

Getting back to respecting our nature, our earth, for anyone who hasn't seen the film Avatar I'd really recommend it (and to watch more than once to notice more).   Apart from the story of love/betrayal/realisations/ forgiveness etc. it's a story too that tells of how man wants to take Avatar land for it's own (in the name of progress & money) and totally destroy the beauty and the magic of the land.  The very small minority of people who understand it's magic begin to fight back to save their world, or what happens to be left of it……. They win. 

The big question is though; the real big question to me is…….

WILL WE WIN?  It starts with LOVE.

Film: Pocahontus:

My thoughts are that the Earth is like a house that we don't own... we are renting it and, as with a rented house, we need to leave it as we found it.....  The song says “You can 'own' the earth (buying more land and more property and more stuff) and still all you own is earth (soil) until”… you can realise the absolute beauty, in its simplicity, our natural earth.

Ignorance.. we can visit lots of places (and most of us do these days, it’s easier than it used to be) but still there can be so much that we don't know.  How about slowing down and appreciating and having time to absorb the lovely things around us?

"We are all connected to each other"... oh, for sure.  When we send emotions out to others we are really doing that to ourselves too…  So we have choices.  Always choices.

"How high can a sycamore grow?  If you cut it down then you'll never know".... How strong and fantastic can our kids grow to be.... Be careful with 'words' they have a lasting effect and can make or break our children and pay attention what emotions we bring to the table from our own family and life experiences; children pick these up as easily as they can pick up a bug.  Speaking of bugs and emotions, in the words of the great Beatles...  All ya need is love.

“Walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew you never knew”.  Acceptance for differences, without judgement..  If would be a boring world if everyone was the same.

Be totally alive and “feel all the riches all around us” (in their simplicity!); enrich our senses.


And finally, my 5yr old son has introduced me to the ‘real’ Michael Jackson (without the media story telling and sensationalism).  If anyone hasn’t seen ‘This is It’ the behind the scenes footage of his ‘This is It’ tour that was days away from happening before he died.  It shows Michael Jackson as he truly is, as he was, an amazing singer/songwriter/entertainer a total ‘expert’ in his field.  He ‘sensed’ his music, he sensed and felt ‘timings’ to knew exactly when he would start his dance routines (without the monitors that others saw to see the correct timings), and he sensed when a certain type of music, certain instruments should begin etc…  It seems even that he could sense other peoples emotional input too as, at one point, he talks about people contributed with ‘love’ and him having to adjust to the situation…  He was working on a deeper level.  It’s apparent too that he honestly loved and cared for our world.  ‘This is It’ was named as he felt it to be our last chance to save our planet before it becomes irreversibly destroyed.  When talking about his Earth song he says “Our planet is sick, like a fever, we need to fix it now, and it’s every persons’ responsibility to do what we can, before it’s too late, ‘this is it’, we have to do it now, or else it will never happen”……  This is it, the time to heal the world is right now.

(Apologies in advance for the picture/sound quality on the following link but it includes the start and end dialogue from Michael Jackson that I was looking for to share with you)

"The future depends on what we do in the present" - Mahatma Gandhi 6th Aug 2011

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